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( Feb. 28th, 2009 10:12 am)
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So some of you will know, but most won't, that I'm a bit of a fussy bugger when it comes to incense. Ignoring the fact that I have been known to make my own (which reminds me, I've got a project to finish), I have a small and select few which I find to be just perfect. Nag Champa is NOT one of these - to me, it smells like week old sick that's had the benefit of the summer Sun beaming down on it. Not good (and apologies to those of you who like it).

My "stick incense" recommendations to anyone would be ...cut for those who've no interest, which is likely everyone except for Jen! )

I have actually died and gone to scent heaven.

[Edit] - Just found the Gothest incence evar! Midnight Incense


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