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( May. 4th, 2009 09:33 pm)
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Well, that weekend was a good one, mostly*!

In summary:

Met a thoroughly charming bunch of people who I hope to see again
Popped my Flock cherry
Discovered Evil Eye and Whitby Jet shop
Fell in love with a shower head
Had lots of tea (no euphanism)
Popped my Sheep cherry
Watched lots of men in uniform
Discussed life, the universe and everything with a few people
Made it to Peterborough, Leeds, York, Leeds and back safely thanks the very kind efforts of several people

Thank you, I really needed a weekend away x

Slightly less brief version )

All in all, cracking weekend.

More of these please! Mind you, I might have to make sure I have fewer nights away, my back isn't being very nice to me right now. The dancing, wedges and corset probably didn't help either but....

*shattered but happy*


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