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Right you lot, before I put this all up for sale, I'm offering you all the chance first. I'll be selling on [livejournal.com profile] thriftstoreuk (EDIT - here, repost here) and [livejournal.com profile] niceboots (EDIT - here, repost here) over the next few weeks and this is the first batch. Clothes, Accessories, Random Stuff... you name it. It's just time for a good clear out of things I don't/can't use any more. I will only sell only things I'd happily wear myself (or use... if I fitted into them, or they were my style any more), and I'm picky - the rest will get trashed / if it's okay will go to second hand shops.

Click the pictures for links for bigger pictures, courtesy of lj scrapbook.

And just to tempt you in...

Corsets, Waspies and Tops

Blue Brocade Corset 1Blue Brocade Corset 2

GORGEOUS Blue Brocade Corset. 24", and I have a feeling it's a Versatile Fashions corset due to the fact that I've that's virtually identical one in black satin - but I can't be sure as the label has been removed. I CAN be sure it's lovely quality, has been worn (by me) three times (with liner tops underneath). Two layers (lined in black), waist tape, modesty panel front and back. It also has 8 suspender loops. I adore this corset but it's slightly too small for me and it needs to be treated to all kinds of wonderful evenings, out or in!
Asking £75 all in.

Blue Satin Waspie 1Blue Satin Waspie 2

Pretty pale blue waspie from Curvessence - it's not really for proper cinching but would give you a lovely shape and it IS boned. Ever so pretty. 23" approximately. Two layers (lined in black). Boning chanels have been covered on the inside in satin. I'd not part with this but I never wear it as it's not my colours.
Asking £45 all in.

Red Leather Waspie 1Red Leather Waspie 2

Red leather waspie from Target. Marked up as a 'M' for medium, approximately 25" but not for proper cinching and tight lacing - just gives a little shape. This has a black mark on the back which is quite faint but only fair to mention. It also has a few scuff marks on the front, which you don't easily notice when it's on but again, only fair to mention. The website has these at $39.95 (page 2 of the corsets, 4th one down I think, 0022).
Asking £15 all in due to small issues as mentioned above.

Black Strapless Pleather Top 1Black Strapless Pleather Top 2

I love this one! Strapless top from TopShop in pleather (or rather, fake leather plasticy material if you want the long version). This looks rubbish on the model as she doesn't have enough chest to fill it. However, it looked very pretty on me when I was a petite 32DD slinky 8/10. Label says 10 so we're in agreement! It's very vampy with a short skirt, or a bit corset-ish with a longer one. I've worn it quite a bit but it's still in brilliant condition.
Asking £5 all in.

Red Obi Top 1Red Obi Top 2

Another one which looks rubbish on the model. Partly because it needs ironed and partly because you can't see the lovely embroidery well on this piccy. VERY lightly boned. Label says 12. I reckon 10. Never been worn by me - and I've no recollection where I got it from but it doesn't look like it can have been worn more than a couple of times though it's probably brand new. Label suggests its' from Tops.co.uk... which redirects to Topshop!
Asking £6 all in

Skirts and Dresses

Black Mesh Skirt 1

Teeny tiny black mesh mini-skirt. I can't believe I actually used to have the cheek (in more way than one!) to wear this. Anyway, from Internacionale, label says size 14 but I reckon a 12 would be better. 28" inch waist unstreched, up to 32" inch waist very stretched. Solid fabric section is 11" in length at the shortest, just over 15" in length at the longest, skirt length is just over 16".
Asking £5 all in.

Black Textured Skirt 1

This was very tricky to get a good photo of. It's textured pvc, like it's been crinkled up and melted slightly but retained the shiny-ness. Another rather short one. Label says Miss Selfridge, size 10, and I think it's about right but would go up to a 12. 30" waist with no stretch. 14" in length.
Asking £4 all in

Black Pleather Skirt 1Black Pleather Skirt 2

This is quite cute. It has a little zip at one side so you can choose to show a little more (!) leg if you want to. Again with the how on earth did I ever wear these?!? It's a bit creased and I'm not sure if the mark from the coathanger at the top will come out but it likely will - I'm not about to melt this with an iron to try and get them out. 28" waist, 14" length. Label is New Look, size 10. I wore this lots, so I'm not wanting much for it but there's nothing wrong other than a slightly faded label.
Asking £4 all in

Black Velvet LBD 1Black Velvet LBD 2Black Velvet LBD 3

I LOVE this dress. It was a present from a friend a few years back and I've worn it twice. Difficult to photograph as it's velvet and mesh. Size 10 or a curvy 8. Label says 18.AUG with no size anywhere. The dress has weird chenille like tassle things hanging from the sleeves and skirt bottom and some of these have pulled (I wear lots of silly jewellery) so it needs a dab hand with a needle and thread before it's next outing. However, it's in great condition, that aside. Hellish to measure so I haven't - shout if you want any taken. It looks like it cost a fortune!
Asking £7.50 all in due to clicks on the edging as mentioned above

Bags and Belts

A4 Gray Leather Bag

Gift that although a lovely sentiment, isn't quite me. It's a leather handbag, will fit an A4 pad of paper easily, has lots of pockets... but it's gray. I don't do gray. I was bought it with the suggestion that I try to dye it black but I've zero confidence that I could do that. No idea what it cost but it's new without tags. The leather is lovely and soft and it would work the whole 80s thing quite well.
Asking £8 all in

Black and Sequin Clutch Bag

This is cute. The strap is attached on the inside with poppers/studs so you can use it as a clutch bag or shoulder bag. It's WAY too small for me, and has been used once if that. Not sure I bought it new or not though. Great if you're a lippy, cash card, key and phone kind of girl. I'm not. Pleather with sequins and jewels on it.
Asking £3.50 all in

Small 70s Disco Bag

I have NO recollection of this one. The strap is quite long and unusual and the front is like a crazy silver 70s Disco meets Deco style. Again, far too small for me - you'd get your lippy, your cash card, your key and a small phone it it max. It's patent and as a result of being behind other bags and belts, it's a little scuffed. However, it'll be heavy to post due to the chain so...
Asking £4.50 all in

Small Pleather Bag

This is a mini-version of my favourite bag. Which is probably why I got it. Still, too small. You'd get a few more bits of make-up in this and room for your purse! Pleather again I think.
Asking £4 all in

Black Canvas Emily Belt

There was, very briefly a few years ago, a shop in Birmingham which sold all kinds of goodies that I loved. I got this Emily Strange belt there. It's actually black canvas with a silver buckle and an enamel Emily (she's not blurred!). As you can see from the photo, the end of the canvas has been covered in a metal tip with 'Emily' written on it. Not my style at all but I'm an Emily sucker.
Asking £5 all in


Black and Multi Teardrop Necklace 1Black and Multi Teardrop Necklace 2

I bought this for the necklace which is ribbon and thong. The pendant is plastic and quite odd but pretty but not me. Aurora Borealis crystals on this one. NO idea where I got it or what it cost but I know what I was going to do with it and I won't.
Asking £2.50 all in

Pink Butterfly Necklace 1Pink Butterfly Necklace 2

HUGE butterfly choker. The extender chain will drop it down a little but it's meant to be worn up on your collar bone. Bronze coloured with pink crystals. About 4" wide and 2" deep. Quite heavy so...
Asking £4.50 all in

Silver Fork Bracelet

Very lovely silver fork recycled into a bracelet. My Mum commissioned it for me as the one I had originally died on me after years of daily wear (I actually cried when it broke!). However, as lovely as it is, it's not the same. It's too big for me and it's just not as comfortable as the original one was. As it's sat gathering dust, one of you may as well benefit. It's roughly 8" with a 1" gap to get it over your wrist. You could get it adjusted slightly if you needed to. It's in gift giving condition. I've seen them for sale at £20 - £30 over at The Hairy Growler.
Asking £25 all in. It'll be heavy to post so I can't justify any lower on this really

Gray and Multi Necklace

This one was tucked into one of the bags and I've no idea where I got it. It's in shades of gray and silver. Largely pastic beads but the large pendant at the bottom is made of shell - painted silvers and grays on one side and then natural pearly white on the reverse. I don't think it's meant to be reversible but you could wear it either way. Pendant is just over 2", not including the bead dangles which are 3" long. Necklace part is 18" - 21.5" approx.
Asking £2.50 all in

Random Stuff

Casino Royale Playing Cards

Any Casino Royale fans out there who need a pack of playing cards? Still sealed, these were a promotional thing that I managed to get somehow. Heavyish to post so...
Asking £2 all in

Prices are a guide-line, all include PayPal fees and second class post within the UK. The corsets are more because I'll only send them Recorded at the very least (plus, they're corsets and are worth it!).

Feel free to haggle but be aware that I'm in need of cash (we have a MAC store opening in Cambridge and I'm hoping to do November Whitby....) and I won't trade. I'll consider deals on multiple buys, can meet in Cambridge for cash but I won't accept anything other than PayPal if we're doing post... it covers me and you if there's a problem.

No returns unless there is something horrendously wrong with your item but I'll being exceedingly accurate in descriptions of any faults I spot - please ask for measurements etc if you want them and they aren't supplied.

I can only post out items each Saturday. I don't work near a post office and can't get to one during the week because I work full time. Sorry! Oh, and last thing, I recycle packaging. A) to save the planet, B) to save on costs which makes this cheaper for you to buy.

All measurements taken are on the outside of clothing, unstretched unless otherwise stated. Photos are taken on a model who has a 33" bust (she's roughly a B cup), 24" waist and 35" hips for reference. Though clearly, she has no 'give'.

SO, any takers?

From: [identity profile] meatina.livejournal.com

How much are you asking for the fork bracelet? What's the measurement on that? I'm assuming that it's a bangle so would need to fit over my chubby hands!

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

Oh, that one is silver - my Mum commissioned it for me as the one I had originally died on me after years of daily wear (I actually cried when it broke!). However, as lovely as it is, it's not the same.

It's roughly 8" with a 1" gap to get it over your wrist. You could get it adjusted slightly if you needed to.

I've seen them for sale at £20 - £30 over at The Hairy Growler. How would £25 do you all in? It'll be heavy to post!

From: [identity profile] meatina.livejournal.com

Sadly that's too small for my wrist :(
Oh well, I'm sure that will be one of the first things to go!

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

but, you could always visit the Hairy Growler and get one specially made to fit sweetie, hope is not lost!!

From: [identity profile] baloobas.livejournal.com

Boo can I have the Butterfly necklace?

Annoyingly I have a suspicion that the fork bracelet is to big for me

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

Butterfly is yours - £4.50 via paypal to ebbienirell@hotmail.com please. :)

And the bracelet does just about stay on my wrist due to the shape but I'm scared it'll fall off. If you're like me (mine are 6 1/4 "), best avoided. x

From: [identity profile] dreamsewing.livejournal.com

Oooh, the velvet/mesh dress with tasselly things, I haz the needle skils to fix. Would like it if it is not too long, you saw my shortness in person, is it good length/would look good on my booby frame? If so scritch it out and I'll hop over and buy it.

Also on wrunkled PVC, try a hair dryer on warm ( not Hot) to ease out the wrinkles. It takes a while but is gentle way to ease them out.

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

I'm not sure whether it'd be too long or not - I'm shortish too and it wasn't bad on me.

Booby frame should be fine - though it does accentuate a little. I was a DD / E when I first got it and it was quite flattering and demure.

How about I crack open the measuring tape later tonight for you? I'll let you know how much stretch there is. Of course, if you're coming up to see us any time soon, you can try it on in person if you'd like - I'm happy to hold it for a little while if that helps?

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

On hold for you - I'll measure first thing when I'm sober!

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

Had a different idea - how's about I post it down to you anyway? If you like it, you can keep it and pay me then. If you don't, you can post it back / bring it back if you're coming up soon?

It's a bit tricky to measure due to the stretchyness but from top (shoulder) to bottom (longest point) it's roughly 43" but that's unsteched and not on a model.

From: [identity profile] teylaminh.livejournal.com

Mmm, the corsets are lovely, but I wouldn't fit my fat self into them.

I wouldn't mind the grey leather bag, though...

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

Sorry, being dumb, not sure whether that's a for definate yes or not. It's yours if you'd like it, just yey or nay me so I know. I won't sell it to anyone else until you give me the say so. x

From: [identity profile] luthbeez.livejournal.com

I'm interested in the blue and black corset. I'm a 34C (37" altogether ) - do you think the corset would be ok on my bust?
If you think so (i won't hold it against you if you're wrong) i'll take it.

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

I'm waiting for someone else to come back to me on it, and I've another person in line after them - BUT, I think you'd be fine in it. It fitted me at 32 DD. I'll keep you posted as I should know in the next day or so!

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

Sorry sweetie, it's taken. I have another couple that I might be selling - I'll nudge you when they're up if you'd like?


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