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If, like me, you're wanting to know a little more about the G20 protests and what *actually* happened rather than what was distorted and drip-fed to us, [livejournal.com profile] libellum's post here would be a good starting point.

She's listed a number of sources and articles, in a time-line / sequence of events style.

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oh my goodness.
Great write up and I got to reading other large chunks of that journal, my eyes are quite fuzzy from reading all that white on black but I love the background picture. Come to think of it I think my life (and my LJ) is utterly boring now compared to that (do you get LJ envy??)

One thing I noticed today that there was barely anything on the radio about the protests, apart from the chap who died, and the top story on Newsbeat was about fast cars instead. The G20 story was all people were talking about at work.

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H is a very interesting young lady, yes! :)

She's quite happy for a link to that entry to be bandied about so feel free to put it up on your lj if you'd like to.

It's the same where I work - people ARE talking about the protests, they DO want to know what happened. The more who know that at least there IS more to know, the better.


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