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All the below things are for sale - prices and sizes being updated as I go. Will be posted to [livejournal.com profile] niceboots (EDIT - post here) and [livejournal.com profile] thriftstoreuk (Edit - post here) on Monday so shout if you like anything!

Click the pictures for links for bigger pictures, courtesy of lj scrapbook.

And just to tempt you in...

Omen top - worn a couple of times maximum. Stretchy but I'd say a 10 - 12.
Asking £6 all in
SOLD to [livejournal.com profile] baloobas (on hold in case she sees other bits)

Red Gypsy style top - this can be worn on or off the shoulders. It's tiny so I'd say size 8 really, or a super slinky 10. Bought it new but it's far too small and I'm never going to wear it.
Asking £6.50 all in
SOLD to [livejournal.com profile] sp4nn4r

Black lacey vest A - lable states 12, I'd say that's about right so long as you're not hugely busty. I couldn't wear it!
Asking £5 all in

Gorgeous peasant style top (detail of the embroidery shown). It has this pattern down the sleeves too and a little motif on the back. Found in a second hand shop but I've not worn it - in good condition.
Asking £5 all in

White 'Victoriana' style top. Think it's from New Look. A 10-12 but you could get away with an 8 as it has a tie to cinch it in.
Asking £5 all in
SOLD to [livejournal.com profile] sp4nn4r

Top from Primark B - there are little almost clear sequins on this, it's quite cute. I'd suggest it's a 10 to a slim 12.
Asking £3.50 all in

Dark Star velvet top with a white cross (un-dyed if that makes sense?) and long lacey flouncy sleeves. Great for when a t-shirt isn't dressy enough but a corset is ott! Size 10/12. Worn a few times but in great condition.
Asking £5 all in

New with tags (says £10) - vest top C which is velvet at the front. Really odd and funky gold detail and 'feathery' bits along the top (see detail picture). I'd say a 10.
Asking £6 all in

Corset style top, never worn by me. Would suggest a size 10.
Asking £5 all in
SOLD to [livejournal.com profile] sp4nn4r

Pretty purple lace vest top by Bay. Although it says 12, I'd say more a 10 to slim 12.
Asking £4 all in
SOLD to [livejournal.com profile] sp4nn4r

Black vest top D - that fab material which you never need to iron. Size 10.
Asking £5 all in

Lightly boned 'atmosphere' top, says a size 12 but I think it'd better on a slighty busty 10. Ruffled at the front, mesh elsewhere - detail is shown from the side.
Asking £4.50 all in

Red 'angel sleeved' top - gorgeous. Ever so slightly darker than my camera shows. Size 10. Plunges lots!
Asking £6 all in
SOLD to [livejournal.com profile] sp4nn4r

Plum/wine velvet Nomads vest top. Gorgeous material. Label says size 20-22.
Asking £5 all in

Yet another black lacey vest top E - this one has corset style laceing up the front and would be best on a teensy person. Size 8 - 10.
Asking £5 all in
SOLD to [livejournal.com profile] sp4nn4r

Topshop vest top from a while ago - this has been a very good friend but it's too small these days. Would work on a 8 but best on a 10.
Asking £4 all in

Dorothy Perkins top - I've never worn this. It's got lovely mesh sleeves and an empire line. Size 12.
Asking £5 all in

This is one of THOSE dresses where, if you have the right figure, you look jaw droppingly brilliant. I no longer HAVE the figure to pull it off, but if you're an 8 or 10, this will work. It's clingy but long(ish) and the keyhole shows off cleavage without being too much. I've worn it once or twice. It's flock velvet and is slightly worn in a couple of patches but you won't tell once it's on. Animal print, kind of.
Asking £8 all in

Bought this set new with tags in a second hand shop and the individual pieces were in the £100s. Vera Mont evening wear line. All size 36 which is supposedly 10 but I think they're slightly on the small side. Selling as a set - the skirt is split at the seam (my fault) on the outside which is fixable, and the lining is ripped on the inside along the seam which I don't think you could fix, but you won't notice either - I think it's more for comfort than for the look of it. There's a top, a skirt and a jacket.
Asking £15 all in

Black and winey (quite pinkish) skirt. Would take up to a 14 comfortably. Present to me, new when I got it and worn 3 times I think.
Asking £6 All in

Animal print skirt, size 12. Too big for the model, this needs fleshed out a little. Not worn by me.
Asking £7 All in

Plastic leather jeans-style trousers. Never been worn by me - far too small. Size 8 and longish... though you might get away with a size 10.
Asking £6 All in

Pretty shoes from New Look which I've only tried on and given up on. They're suedette, quite neat and a size 5. Really cute!
Asking £8 All in

Damn my calves, I can't get away with these! Wear as per photo, which means for a few hours on my feet as I'm heavy on my tootsies. Size 5, plastic.
Asking £6 All in

Same problem with these - too small on my calves. Again, wear as per photos, for a few hours which equates to a lifetime on the heels but nothing anywhere else. Size 5.
Asking £6 All in

I think all of the bras are 32DD (there's one or two 34DDs in amongst them - ask for details) and have been worn once or twice, if that! I went through a phase of buying new ones but have changed size quite a bit and these are no good...

This was a present - I've worn the bra (32DD) once to try on and not again. Two thongs (never worn) included in this, both are a size 10.
Asking £10 all in
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