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Help needed - I want to get to Ikea tomorrow (better quality than Argos) as, whislt I know what I want and they deliver, the earliest is 13th May and quite frankly, I'll be in an asylum by that point.

Is anyone able to take me to Ikea (whichever is easiest for you from Cambridge) tomorrow for petrol money and lots of hugs and a meal?

Everything I'm planning on buying is self assembly and flat packed but the bigger the car, the better.

*crosses fingers*

Lift sorted! Yey!!

From: [identity profile] robinbloke.livejournal.com

As a note

Your closest bet is probably Milton Keynes for an IKEA, there is one near London but the traffic is even more insane there.

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

Re: As a note

True, but my thinking was there might be a preference for one or the other if my *hopefully will appear as if by magic* lift wants / needs to do other shopping. One word - Blue Water. :D

From: [identity profile] robinbloke.livejournal.com

Re: As a note

Hehe, never been there myself; the vastness of the retail world scares me ;)


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