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The bedroom is coming along nicely (and I’m taking a day off later this week to move it along a bit more quickly too or, should I get it sorted before then, attack another section of the house, because there’s enough of it to sort!) (and yes, still will take photos once it’s done).

I know you’re all probably sick to the back teeth of hearing about this, but it’s been my main focus for the last week and it’s helped me to get through the first initial wobbles. It has forced me to stay in and put my things, physically, in order, instead of going out on various benders and pub-meets.

Whilst I’d have really liked to go out and play, it would likely have been to the same places as Rich was going – now, I hasten to add, we’re getting on okay (though it’s early days, but I’m hopeful it’ll continue to get easier). But being in the same place as your immediate ex, when all you want to do is relax, enjoy yourself and forget about life and how it’s not quite worked out the way you wanted to for a few hours, isn’t exactly conducive to having the best of times. So as hard as I found the first few nights, I think it was a good and healthy thing that I felt the need to stay in and work on my room.

But, it’s nearly done. And therefore, it’s started to hit home – it’s time to get myself emotionally in order.

Because money and emotions have reduced the amount of time I’ve spent with friends over the last few months, I need to work more on existing friendships and forge new ones. I need to take up things I’ve always wanted to but somehow didn’t find the time (usually with ‘want to spend time with Rich’ being the reason or more often than not, excuse, because if you don’t try something, you can’t fail horribly at it, am I right?). And I need help with this.

I don’t often ask you all if I can come along and join in – because I’m scared that you don’t actually remotely like me and only put up with me because I *was* the girlfriend of a good friend of yours, and that you’ll either say yes and hope I cancel, or will say no which would really hurt.

Now I know this is ludicrous, and this post isn’t meant to have lots of ‘but we love you too Em!’ responses. It’s just that you need to know why I’m useless at suggesting we go do things, and will continue to be useless (with a couple of exceptions), and it’s to ask you to help me out because otherwise I might hermit and that would not be a good thing.

It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you. It’s not that the thing you’ve suggested doesn’t interest me (if it involves sports or heights or mud then it’s a no but other than that, we’re good). I just don’t have a huge amount of faith or confidence (despite how I can come across at times) and I’m sure you don’t want to spend time with me.

There’ll be days where I can’t face leaving the safety of my room. There’ll be nights where there is nothing more interesting to me than sorting out my wardrobe – but this is the shy, quiet, nervous Em who most of you haven’t met. And I need to have times like that.

But what I DON’T need are weeks and weeks like that. And I’m afraid.

I’m afraid that, without Rich and the things that you invite him (and by default, me) to (even when I’ve turned up and he hasn’t for various reasons), I’ll not go anywhere or do anything. I’ll then get lonely. And then I’ll get very miserable.

So please, if you’re doing something and have room for one more, and don’t object to my company, invite me*? Even if I say ‘can’t face it tonight’ or ‘maybe, will see how I feel’ – it will mean a lot to me that you’ve thought of and asked me. I say no when I mean it, yes when I mean it and maybe when I mean it. I try not to be late. I can dress down as well as up (just about) and I need to do things that I wouldn’t normally even consider because, as a not even 30 year old, I’m very stuck in my ways**. And I didn’t used to be. And I don’t WANT to be.

Because unless I’m specifically invited, I think I’m specifically uninvited. Yes, this is admittedly ridiculous and I’ll work on it (always need to battle various head issues) but right now, I don’t have the energy or strength to keep the head demons at bay without a bit of help from you all.

Just… don’t forget about me?

Whiney, moaning, emo, teenage angst post over. Oh, and in addition, aimed at no-one in specific remotely. There are a few of you who are exceedingly good and wonderful at suggesting stuff and inviting me over / coming to visit / pinging me randomly on msn / facebooking me etc – you know who you are and it means the world to me. Please don’t stop!

Em x

* Regardless of whether Rich is going - as I said we’re not avoiding each other but I just needed to not be out and drunk around him the first couple of nights
** Hence my promise to myself that I’m doing the London Marathon next year. I’ll keep mentioning that to you all so you can keep prodding me! It’ll get me healthier and give me a huge boost if I manage even part of it. I’ll be looking at taking up other things too so suggestions welcome.

From: [identity profile] baloobas.livejournal.com

Because unless I’m specifically invited, I think I’m specifically uninvited.

Everyone feels like that at times!

Good luck on the London Marathon :) who will you be running for?

From: [identity profile] akonken.livejournal.com

I know how you feel! And speaking of inviting you to things, want to come over Tuesday? And we might be having a bad movie night on Wednesday, to which you'd be more than welcome! *hugs*

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

Ironically enough, I'm busy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, and am possibly going through to York on Friday!!!

But I'm not sure what time I'll be finished up on Wednesday so I might head over to pop my head through the door xx

From: [identity profile] cave-gary.livejournal.com

Best throw your name into the draw right about now for the london marathon then, as they're limiting even next years draw places to (if i recall correctly) 150k. Of which only 32000 ish will successfully be drawn to take part.

Other than that, if I ever manage to think of exciting things to do, I'll let you know :-)

From: [identity profile] feanelwa.livejournal.com

Ok - though I don't normally organise gatherings, if I do organise one where you won't be the only person there who doesn't know anybody and end up sitting there like a lemon, I'll drop you a txt. But am also a bit fail at the moment!

From: [identity profile] sleeperwaking.livejournal.com

I have to train for a measly 5K run if you ever want someone to run with. I have no stamina and need to find some. Would help me lots as otherwise I'll never get round to training.

From: [identity profile] pinkapplejam.livejournal.com

Come visit our house! Robinbloke is also coming! (Unless we go to his. So if we do I can drive us!) Friday after work, be there? I will cook healthy nomms! :3

From: [identity profile] tooth-fairy.livejournal.com

Well, I've known you for the same length of time that I've known Rich. I like you both. I will add that before meeting you Robin referred to the two of you as 'my friends Rich and Emma', not 'My mate Rich and his girlfriend Emma'.
I think you are very nice and would love to hang out with you. In fact, if you want to some up here and hang out with me and Anwen (there is amazing shopping here too) then you are very welcome. I have a spare room :)

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

That all means a huge amount to me - thank you sweetie x

From: [identity profile] nietzsche-baby.livejournal.com


You are always welcome in Birmingham, and I have a spare double room if you ever want crash space.

PS: Maybe now would be a good time to resume the art stuff? - I know you are an incredible artist (I still have your hog picture!) - and there's nothing like an all-absorbing afternoon painting. xx

From: [identity profile] ulfilias.livejournal.com


Just back from whitby and clearing LJ/FB backlogs.

I think i met both of you fairly independently and while i think i knew rich earlier it was more on an aquantace level.

My plans this weekend are Leeds as Rome Burns are playing an acoustic gig at the Subculture....There is also a good burlesque night on the Saturday and the Sunday is a late Black Sheep due to it being a bank holiday.

Coven in Luton is next weekend and Brum after that....then WGT - Thats the big stuff....Sometimes hit the pub in cambs thursday or friday, calling is a norm....

Or can generaly be persuaded to do stuff other nights too !

From: [identity profile] ebb.livejournal.com

Ooooh, what time were you thinking of heading through on Friday? I'm heading to York but trains to/from Leeds to York are much more frequent and hellishly easier than from Cambridge. Ditto on the heading back down here...

Also, assuming we'll dovetail, (and being clean and ladylike here)... where do you want me?

From: [identity profile] ulfilias.livejournal.com

Errr....I think the plan was to head from work in Sawtry as its sat on the A1. I do head past Peterborough though if thats any use (5:30-6ish)- I've picked people up from there before heading to both Whitby and Leeds.

Monday i'm coming back but have very little plan on when. Tends to be lateish as i hate traffic. Will probably drop in on friends in leeds, so if you wanted you could join anytime.

From: [identity profile] alixandrea.livejournal.com

Heya *Hugs* I completely agree with so many of the things you've said here - it's so easy to just withdraw and hermit yourself away when you come out of a relationship, especially when many of the people you know are through your ex partner.

I know I've got Dave now, but doing stuff either with him and other people, or just with other people is definitely possible. So if you'd like to come out with us at any point, you are more than welcome to most things* and if you'd like to go out for a girly night somewhere, that would be great too. :-)

Have van, will travel and all that, so if you fancy something that's a bit further afield and a bit of a pain to get to/back from, I'm happy to be the designated driver if you don't mind chipping in for diesel. The new engine's much better on that score than the old one, and it's usually cheaper than a train ticket anyways. :-)

So, we're going to Gotham next weekend (Sunday 10th) in London and you're more than welcome to join us there if you'd like. We're driving down and will probably take tube trains from wherever I park up (usually at my best friend Lucy's house in Golder's Green). LMK whether that appeals to you - obviously Sunday isn't a great day to be going out, but it finishes at 11pm so we shouldn't be home too late. :-)

*I'm not sure you'd want to come with us to something like Antichrist if it were just us and you for instance, although if there's a group of people you know going, we'd be happy to give you a lift and spend some time hanging out. It's just *cough* well, the couples room and stuff... ;-)


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