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2010-12-31 11:59 pm
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About this journal...

Ebb's Random Rambles

This journal is largely FRIENDS ONLY
however if you'd like to be added, comment on this post with the whys and wherefores.

I generally add people whom I wish to allow access to certain posts and information, not out of a sense of obligation.
Equally, please do not feel obliged to add me in return.

If you're friended, my contact details are here. If I know you well enough, you can find my address on this post here. Both of these posts are 'forward dated' and appear just below this entry if you're viewing my journal. Alternatively you can leave a message for me at my Cbox or email me at ebb[at]livejournal[dot]com.

A further explination of how this journal works and the various settings I use can be found here, which I ask that you read before adding me / commenting.

Ebb: A female goth, rather fond of red, who doesn't take life or herself too seriously, is a total drama queen, is very lucky to have an array of rather fab friends and who uses her journal as a constant reminder of both the bizarre and the mundane.
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2010-12-31 07:43 pm
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sorry / my lj level access explained

[Level - Public]

Randomness you don't need to read behind this cut... for level access read the non-cut bit! )

I shall be posting the level from now on at the top of my posts:

Because I have rather a lot of various levels which I occasionally use.
And because previous entries have been pushed and explored far more than I wanted them to be when I least expected it. It was stupid of me to allow it to happen, but I thought I could trust those who could see it. And also because not all the various friend settings show the level of a post, and a little lock is easy to miss.

I don't want to stop posting, but have kept pretty much anything important to me private since. Which isn't ideal. Nor do I want to unfriend anyone - what happens now and in the future doesn't change what has happened in the past.

So to make it clear and obivious, to use my lj "properly"*:

Public: is the only one for everyone's consumption.

Friends: denotes that there are at least smatterings of semi private bits (!).

B: a step on from friends, but generally due to precise locations or full names etc

B2: very little difference to B

C1: trusted with some details

C2: trusted with a few bits more

C3: one of a very very small group that I trust with everything I wish to be known

D's: custom group, just for you

But whatever you can see, remember - I put up the details I want to, and don't expect anyone to take liberties and ask for / search for more. Things will remain cryptic for a very good reason - if you want more detail to clarify something that's confused you, get in touch. A post may not be at all relevant to you, it's just that you belong to that level setting.

At the end of the day, this is MY journal and I won't have it abused. You are my friends, the people I know and hope I can trust. Please respect my wishes.

*as others do to a huge degree of success, point taken.

Incidentally - if comment features are removed, it's because I don't want to take it any further. I don't often do this but if I do, contact me irl. I use lj often to get through to people in a convenient way. It isn't the most ideal form of communication and it has it's drawbacks but it means people can read and take things in in their own time and own way, without being swamped by emails and can look back as often as they wish.
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2010-12-31 12:33 pm
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snip snip snip

[Level - Public]

I'm trimming down my friends list. Largely to get rid of journals that have been inactive / deleted for a while but if I get rid of anyone who's still around, sorry! Let me know and you'll be re-instated.

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2009-05-10 03:00 pm
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[Level - Public] (appropriately)

So, as it's a lovely afternoon and we don't get many, I'm off to the pub. Not sure which one yet, but Cambridge, with a beer garden, walking distance from my house. So, Mill Road area ish. You're all very welcome to join me.

Call/text me on 07928 052 888 to find out where I end up.

Em x
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2009-05-09 10:38 pm
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Hi Dreamwidth!

[Level - Public]


*looks around*

....this is Dreamwidth huh?


(NB - those reading from lj, testing the waters over here to see what I think... shall report back at some point)

Edit - as and when I've figured out whether I prefer it or not, and what the differences are, I'll update you all :)
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2009-05-07 10:18 am
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I LOVE xkcd... this is why;

[Level - Public]

Parts 2, 3 and 4 are already up incidentally...
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2009-05-06 04:47 pm
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Housemate looking for a house!

[Level - Public]

Is anyone in the Cambridge area currently after a new room-mate/flat-mate/house-mate? NOT for me or Rich I hasten to add.

One of the guys I know through work (Pete, tall blonde Larper and all round good chap of a geeky and techy persuasion) is shortly being kicked out of his current place as the pub he lives above is being leased to a different owner and he can't stay put.

He comes with an assortment of weapons, is a non-smoker and non-pet owner (unless you count his beard). Anyone interested, or know of anyone who's looking for somewhere / someone, please let me know either on the public unscreened lj post, or comment on the note over on Facebook. He'll have access to both!
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2009-05-04 09:33 pm
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[Level - Public]

Well, that weekend was a good one, mostly*!

In summary:

Met a thoroughly charming bunch of people who I hope to see again
Popped my Flock cherry
Discovered Evil Eye and Whitby Jet shop
Fell in love with a shower head
Had lots of tea (no euphanism)
Popped my Sheep cherry
Watched lots of men in uniform
Discussed life, the universe and everything with a few people
Made it to Peterborough, Leeds, York, Leeds and back safely thanks the very kind efforts of several people

Thank you, I really needed a weekend away x

Slightly less brief version )

All in all, cracking weekend.

More of these please! Mind you, I might have to make sure I have fewer nights away, my back isn't being very nice to me right now. The dancing, wedges and corset probably didn't help either but....

*shattered but happy*
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2009-04-28 12:54 pm

Jogging gear... and moving on (or getting there)

[Level - Public]

Erm. So. Jogging gear.

I might need a .... hoodie. To cover up and stay warm when it's cooler. Me. In a hoodie. UGH!

So, I've decided I want this black one here;

Stuff it, if I'm going to jog, I'm going to jog in STYLE baby, yeah!

INO, things at home are going, all things considered, remarkably well. Just echoing and confirming what [livejournal.com profile] devalmont has said really. *nods*
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2009-04-27 02:58 pm

Scared and scarred...

[Level - Public]
(so it can be seen over on Facebook for those of you who've migrated!)

Progress and the last week... )

But, it’s nearly done. And therefore, it’s started to hit home – it’s time to get myself emotionally in order.

YOUR help needed... )

Whiney, moaning, emo, teenage angst post over. Oh, and in addition, aimed at no-one in specific remotely. There are a few of you who are exceedingly good and wonderful at suggesting stuff and inviting me over / coming to visit / pinging me randomly on msn / facebooking me etc – you know who you are and it means the world to me. Please don’t stop!

Em x

Foot-notes! )
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2009-04-24 09:50 am
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Ikea Tomorrow...

[Level - Public]

Help needed - I want to get to Ikea tomorrow (better quality than Argos) as, whislt I know what I want and they deliver, the earliest is 13th May and quite frankly, I'll be in an asylum by that point.

Is anyone able to take me to Ikea (whichever is easiest for you from Cambridge) tomorrow for petrol money and lots of hugs and a meal?

Everything I'm planning on buying is self assembly and flat packed but the bigger the car, the better.

*crosses fingers*

Lift sorted! Yey!!
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2009-04-22 10:30 am
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Contacting me!

[Level - Public]

People - sorry, but I've lost my charger. Well, not LOST, I know it's approximate location but it's exact location remains a mystery. This is problematic because my mobile died a death last night. So if you were trying to call and couldn't get through, that's why.

If it's an ongoing issue, I'll let you know.

Em x
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2009-04-21 04:49 pm

Meh :-(

[Level – Public]
(so that those few of you from his lj and not mine can see this)

So, August 1st 2004 was an important day in the lives of [livejournal.com profile] devalmont and [livejournal.com profile] ebb. It was (as we both agree) the day we officially got together as a couple, though it had been on the cards for a little while. Since that time, we’ve been through ups, downs and have become desperately good friends. I love him to bits and he tells and shows me that he loves me to bits too. Which is why it’s with a bit of sadness that April 20th 2009 needs to be mentioned, as it’s the day we decided to move on to other things.

Why this is on lj )

Why and how we've come to this decission )

What's next )

Tea, hugs, sympathy will all be very much appreciated but not wholly necessary – honestly, coping okay. But feel free to drag me out to things, I might have a tendency to hermit otherwise. I’m pretty sure Rich will say a similar thing!

Lastly, I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into this relationship – we both did. I don’t regret a second of it and I’m sad to see it go. But I’m happy that I’ve got a wonderful friend at the end of it and I’m convinced we’re both doing the best thing for each other and for ourselves. The time is right to move on. Regardless, thanks for our time together Rich, it was really special. x
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2009-04-19 07:24 pm
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Clothes for sale...

[Level - Public]

All the below things are for sale - prices and sizes being updated as I go. Will be posted to [livejournal.com profile] niceboots (EDIT - post here) and [livejournal.com profile] thriftstoreuk (Edit - post here) on Monday so shout if you like anything!

Click the pictures for links for bigger pictures, courtesy of lj scrapbook.

And just to tempt you in...

Tops )

Dresses )

Sets )

Skirts and Trousers )

Shoes and Boots )

Undies )
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2009-04-19 11:23 am
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[Level - Public]

Sooooo, I'm being brave and having a sort. This is no small task when it comes to clothes. The photos you are about to see are the room at it's worst - yes, we have a ROOM for my clothes. It was all beautifully organised but the hanging rails collapsed under the weight of the clothes and I've been meaning to sell things for ages. I now have my own camera, so can only justify having it if I make it pay for itself. Hence, it's encouraging me to do something about the ROOM.

I'll be putting up clothes and bits for sale later today, and will wait until Tuesday before posting over on [livejournal.com profile] niceboots and [livejournal.com profile] thriftstoreuk so if you're a reader of mine, you get first dibs.

Em x

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2009-04-18 09:46 am
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Happy Birthday!

[Level - Public]

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] gandalf_t_black! Looks like it's a fab day out there, enjoy xx
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2009-04-16 11:56 am
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[Level - Public] (so that those without ljs these days can read it on my facebook.... ahem)

Today, I got a totally random pressie in the post from my Sis. It is gorgeous, fabby and wonderful, just like her. And I can pretty much promise I'll wear it until it we're both old mad cat ladys.

Love you Debi, thanks SO much chick. You're a total sneak by the way.



(PS - for those asking, she got me this;

Etsy :: myaphrodite :: Monsoon (Night) Necklace
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2009-04-11 04:30 pm
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[Level - Public]

Below are a few things I'm selling on [livejournal.com profile] thriftstoreuk (EDIT - here, repost here) and [livejournal.com profile] niceboots (EDIT - here, repost here). This is a re-post on my lj for those of you who aren't part of those selling communities!

There will be more over the next few weeks and this is the first batch. Clothes, Accessories, Random Stuff... you name it. It's just time for a good clear out of things I don't/can't use any more. I will only sell only things I'd happily wear myself (or use... if I fitted into them, or they were my style any more), and I'm picky - the rest will get trashed / if it's okay will go to second hand shops.

Click the pictures for links for bigger pictures, courtesy of lj scrapbook.

And just to tempt you in...

Corsets, Waspies and Tops )

Skirts and Dresses )

Bags and Belts )

Jewellery )

Random Stuff )

Conditions of Sale - please read! )

SO, any takers?
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2009-04-09 01:07 pm
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Death-Metal t-shirts in the UK?

[Level - Public]

So my sister's chap Tim (who rocks) is a Death Metaller and is looking for some t-shirts. They're seemingly not easy to get over in Oz. Any of you lot know;


Specifically 1349, Aeon and any silly Metaloclypse....

Tim usually buys from the US of A but was wondering if there were any UK sites. Our google-foo is lacking.

(x-posted here: tsuk and here: nicebootschat)
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2009-04-08 03:12 pm

G20 Protests

[Level - Public]

If, like me, you're wanting to know a little more about the G20 protests and what *actually* happened rather than what was distorted and drip-fed to us, [livejournal.com profile] libellum's post here would be a good starting point.

She's listed a number of sources and articles, in a time-line / sequence of events style.