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( Jan. 12th, 2005 06:26 pm)
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[Level - Public]

Dear Public Transport Secretary

May I say, your push for the general public to fully utilise the reliable, frequent, comfortable and exceedingly reasonably priced public transport system network which has been constantly updated and improved with each and every passing bank holiday weekend causing, of course, the minimum disruption to all public transport users, is commendable.

I have yet to experience the horror which my counter part in reality suffers on a twice, if indeed not more, daily basis of late buses if indeed they turn up. This would of course negate any 'day saver' ticket purchase, causing the value for money claims to plumit. As would the increased costs to pay for a new fleet of ever evasive buses in Birmingham which would have tv screens and advanced cctv systems on board which I am certain would immediately cause any reprobates prone to lighting up joints to rapidly cease from doing so, negating the fact that they are indeed a smigden more comfortable when and if they were to turn up.

I am exceedingly grateful that I have not once had to wait for over fifty minutes on a route which has an advertised approximate waiting time of 8 minutes, only for 5 buses to turn up at once. I am also incredibly grateful that I've yet to be unfortunate enough to be late for work four out of five days despite allowing for such delays by leaving the house early. Needless to say, I have not ever had to throw my arms up in the air and admit defeat by getting private transport by way of a taxi to my destination, such as, shall we say, a dancing class which I'd aimed at being a good 15 minutes early, when in fact it appears I am already going to be at least 10 minutes late as 2 buses have failed, thus far, to turn up.

The public transport system in this country is completely and utterly wonderful and I shall continue recommending it's use to everyone I meet. Thanks be that we don't have to worry about repeatedly delayed and cancelled trains at least every other weekend to a specific destination, causing the precious few hours we have at the weekend to be ever consumed by the demon of time, our special moments spiralling down into a black hole of lost minutes. No! Not at all!

So, thank you for doing your job so effectively and for ensuring those of us who choose to support the public transport system do not feel frustrated, angry, disillusioned, apathetic and generally fed up.

Yours in gratitude

Miss E J D
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( Jun. 24th, 2004 08:13 am)
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I didn't realise how much he hated me. My mother was right.

To all of those in Selly, despite Rich thinking that me moving to Kings Heath is going to socially castrate me, I don't believe that. For a second. I have a little more faith in both myself and others than that.

I do care about you guys. I'm not abandoning you. I'd never have come down here if I hadn't felt welcome and loved here. The post that was never completed yesterday was very simple. I'm moving house, not cities.

Wanting to be involved was simply that. That hasn't and won't stop. I truly don't think it's going to make a difference living out there. As said previously, it simply means I'll have to make more effort to get places!

On an even more personal and serious note, if you think I don't care, if you can truly believe that I didn't, I don't know what it was all about. I did give a rather bit shit about our friendship.

NB - this is an extension and in addition to this post which a very select few can see.


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