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( Mar. 2nd, 2009 07:15 am)
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So, I like getting letters. But I LOVE writing them. And it's something I've not done much of over the last few months. This has got to be remedied.

Comment with your address (even if I've written to you recently ish - I'm a sod for loosing them / not writing down) and next time in the mood to put pen to paper, you might just get one from me.

Open to everyone on my friends list, though of course, some of you might be more difficult to write to than others but that's half the fun!

NB - Comments are ALWAYS automatically screened on my journal, so don't worry about commenting. Or you could link me to your lj posts which hold such info if you'd prefer.


[Edit] - my address is here (locked post), but if of course I write to you, I'll include it anyway! (Well observed the penguiny one x)
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 04:52 pm)
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I have, of late, rediscovered the joy and randomness of last.fm.

Having gone through and selected lots of songs and bands I approve of, it can now play me recommendations based on the music I like. And it just tuned me into this, which I found amusing, hence I'm posting it here;

ThouShaltNot - If I Only Were A Goth
(sing to the tune of 'If I Only Had A Heart')

I'd be thinner, I'd be taller
Go clubbing in my collar
With skin pale as a moth
Dressed in black, I'd go creepin'
While the normal folk are sleepin'
If I only were a Goth

With my hair up, I'd look fancy
Like Siouxsie and the Banshees
With silk or velvet cloth
Dressed in boots, never sandals
And the room would be lit with candles
If I only were a Goth

Yes I'd wanna die... )

Class! What's even more amusing is that last.fm chose to play me Chopin's Funeral March just before it.... someone somewhere has a brill sense of humour.
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( Jul. 26th, 2007 02:10 pm)
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Fed up of using white background search engines? Longing for something a little more 'Goth'? Well search no more!

Blackle - Goth Google

Actually, the reason I draw your attention to this is an lj friend mentioned it. Apparently, computers use more energy displaying white than black. So, not only does it look pleasing, but it's saving the planet a little too.
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( Feb. 8th, 2007 09:58 am)
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This post will NOT involve use of the S* word because everyone else is mentioning it on their ljs. What I WILL mention is earrings.

Not an unusal thing to write about, surely? Well you see, I have a high lose rate of practically everything you can mis-place or forget or leave somewhere. It went through a phase of umbrellas last year (the reason we now have 5 in total these days). This year, much to my despair, it's earrings. However, it's earrings when I'm wearing them and always my right one.

Now, I have lots of pretty jewellery. Partly because I'm a magpie and partly because I've lots of people who know me well and help add to my collection. But all the favourites are rapidly becoming odd ones rather than pairs.

Anyway, I was sat shivering on the bus (after a 30 minute wait in S, utilising one of the many brollies) and went to adjust my hair. What was missing? Yet another earring. I sighed a miserable sigh and shrugged and decided from now on no more hook throughs, it's butterflies all the way! I settled into the journey and resigned myself to it taking forever. I got off the bus and carefully picked my way through the slush, switched off my MP3 player and put up my brollie again. There was a rather odd noise and it wasn't coming from any of my usual sources (there's a tendancy to hear me before you see me due to jingly bracelets and other things). Finally figuring out where the noise was coming from, I looked up into the workings of my brollie and THERE IT WAS. Dangling, as if it had always been there. The missing earring.

I still can't figure out how it go there. But at least I'm back up to two today. And whilst this isn't a par on [livejournal.com profile] rainbowskye's usual chaotic and wonderful mix, it did make me 'Huh!'.

Hope you all get where you're going safely today.

*snow in case you're reading this some months later. Seriously, EVERYONE on my flist (well ok, most of them) is mentioning it today.
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Combat Card - FIGHT! )


Not that it makes any difference as far as I know of course.
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( Sep. 10th, 2006 08:21 pm)
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Want to see a collage of my lj interests?

Take a peek! )

I quite like that. Certainly the closest I'm likely to be to Dita!
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( Aug. 29th, 2006 08:45 pm)
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Oooh, all happy. We were watching 'I'm Alan Partridge' series two briefly on Sunday. There is, on the interactive menu, a brilliant clip (though I'm not a huge Alan Partridge fan tbh).

Anyway, I felt inspired to dig out my Gary Numan - Exposure CD which is a best of from '77 to '02 and currently am dancing a silly dance around the living room to the track featured on said DVD menu...

if you have it, go put on 'Music for Chameleons' and smile a cheesey early 80s smile. If you DON'T have it, try it on for size.

[livejournal.com profile] devalmont is off to be a rock-star-dj tonight at The Calling (despite his bestest attempts to get me to accompany him, I won't be there - shattered as usual and can't shake of my weekend meeps) so best of all, go and nudge him to play it. I'll forewarn him! :D

Goodnight and sweet dreams all...

Ebb x
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( Aug. 27th, 2006 08:03 pm)
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My dear friends. This weekend I've been indulging in a terrible addiction.

I confess, you may not want to know me after reading this. I'm incredibly ashamed and embarrassed but I feel you ought to be informed.

I have been whiling away the hours playing .... online .... on Neopets. )
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So, last night (as some of you know) I went (with a large group of equally silly individuals) to the flicks to see Snakes On A Plane. 'Was it any good?' 'Is it worth the hype?' 'Should I just wait for the video?' I hear you ask.

If you want a 'switch off the brain and have a laugh' film, with snakes, on a plane, and Samuel L Jackson being cool, and a very predictable 'next scene' the entire way through, go see it. It does exactly what it says on the tin and I loved it. Very silly, very far fetched, utterly brilliant.

Not for anyone who doesn't like ridiculous films, not for anyone who wants a high brow and serious flick and definately not for those who like things to make sense and have at least some basis on reality. But anyone who goes to see it in that kind of mindset obviously hasn't looked at the title!
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( Aug. 8th, 2006 07:33 pm)
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I had cause to remember this poem today - and think I might re-theme my lj accordingly rather than thee trusty ole Depeche Mode song theme. Anyway, have a read and see what you think:

The Spider and The Fly
Based on the cautionary tale by Mary Howitt

"Will you walk into my parlour?"
said the Spider to the Fly,
"'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy;
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,
And I have many curious things to show you when you are there."

"Oh no, no," said the little Fly, "to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again."

..... )

And now, dear little children, who may this story read,
To idle, silly, flattering words I pray you ne'er give heed;
Unto an evil counsellor, close heart and ear and eye,
And take a lesson from this tale, of the Spider and the Fly.

We are all of us both at times - I do worry about some of you, be careful you don't pay attention to the wrong people and the wrong things.

Ebb x
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Please, go and read this post from [livejournal.com profile] reverend2001 or rather Tony Lee.

His comic, Midnight Kiss, is up against Judge Dredd and some other very worthy opponets. He's asking anyone with a spare five minutes and an email address who likes comics to visit this site here and after careful consideration, with particular emphasis on question 11, vote for your favourite.

I've given it a lot of thought and have plumped for Midnight Kiss.

NB - voting closes at Midnight, 7th May 2006.
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( May. 1st, 2006 10:30 pm)
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Want to be the coolest Goth on the block when it's drizzling? Well, I spotted the perfect solution quite a while ago now and am hooked. [livejournal.com profile] sapphrine has admired this rather greatly and I finally managed to track them down on the net (after the store I got mine from ran out of stock).

Behold! (click on the image to go to the site)

Bargain at £10 or what?

Incidentally, for those of you NOT obsessed with black, they do them in a very pretty pink, ivory and lilac at the moment too. Despite it listing them as parasols, they are intended to be used as umbrellas, just in case you were wondering.
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( Apr. 17th, 2006 11:12 pm)
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I've been updating a gzillion things on my laptop, courtesy of a wireless card, a very patient [livejournal.com profile] devalmont and shiny broadband. Needless to say, this has meant many many tweaks and 'oh, I can finally get that sorted...' moments. The most recent being downloading a skin for winamp. I opted for 'The Raven' being the sad ole goffik I am. :D

Anyway, just posting here to bring your attention to this. You see, the winamp skin was a promo for Lou Reeds 'The Raven' and aforementioned link will take you there. I thought some of you might like to take a gander but be warned, lots of visuals and sound so probably not a good plan for those of you with dial-up.

In other news, well, there isn't! I've been incredibly lazy this weekend through apathy, lack of energy and generally being a bit hell-cat like. Do I HAVE to go to work tomorrow? Ok, ok. Mind you, it has been a 'little' better this last week - lets hope it lasts.
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( Apr. 10th, 2006 09:59 am)
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Whilst looking for a Dita Von Teese mood theme, I found this. It's a black cat mood theme! Ok, ok, it wasn't that interesting. Gee, it's Monday morning guys, I'm kinda short on inspiration right now and my day has already nose dived.
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( Mar. 28th, 2006 09:01 am)
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Morning all - bit of an odd one today. Is there, to anybodys knowledge, any truth in this alert about lead in lipstick or is it a hoax? )

I'm never sure about such things and whilst I have the time to post this, I've no idea where to look to find out whether or not it's a hoax. Put behind a cut for those of you who detest such things!

Confirmed as a hoax so watch out for it and DON'T pay it any heed if it comes your way!
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( Mar. 20th, 2006 03:33 pm)
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Not that I really need any more, but I'm rather happy to see that my userpics limit has been increased to 38 simply by me sitting here having a paid account! Yey!

*feels a bit of a userpic frenzy coming on....*

(check out the news page if this isn't something you already knew about)
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( Feb. 14th, 2006 09:38 am)
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Happy Valentines dear readers!

Go see if you have a message on the Valentines journal here. Or post one!

[livejournal.com profile] _ebb_

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( Dec. 9th, 2005 10:57 am)
[Level – Public]

If you text me, could you please let me know who you are. )

Exceptions are, to save you time:

All the HoG Posse and appendages
People I call regularly
People who commented on the Live8 post

As I sit looking out of my window today... )

Right, I’m now off to do some work. Oh, [livejournal.com profile] huggirl / [livejournal.com profile] t_lab I forgot to look at Gwydir Street this morning. However, the Dr’s wife called and said she had a twin room, not a double, which was free tonight. £25 each including breakfast, call her on 01223 356 615 if you’re interested and haven’t found anywhere else.

And a final mention, just in case you’ve somehow missed it:

Baileys Night
@ Casa [livejournal.com profile] devalmont, [livejournal.com profile] temlekin and [livejournal.com profile] _ebb_

Check out previous posts for more info if you're friended. Which reminds me I need to buy ice and milk on my way home.
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Never again am I wearing colour to work. <---overly dramatic statement not based on reality... ish

There's a story to this. I was up, I was ready, my black pencil skirt was ironed and all was well. The shirt I was going to wear with it was hanging up. It was 5 mintues before I had to leave the house.

I put the skirt on and it didn't. The skirt, bought 4 months ago, is far too small for me now.

I had a bit of a pannic - I didn't have time to iron anything else and knew I had no 'work friendly' clothes hanging up ready. Then it dawned on me. The pink skirt. Which has been worn a grand total of 3 times in 4 years (I bought it for an anniversary meal between Doug and I!).

It was clean. It was ironed. It was work-safe (in that it wasn't a black pvc mini skirt, the only other thing in there even remotely suitable). I had a top (in the same colour as it) that was in a similar 'ready' state. So I braved it and grabbed a matching lippy.

There was rather a lot of cafuffle when I arrived here. Several 'F me, Emma, you're not in black!' and several 'So WHY are you in colour today?' and quite a few 'You know, that really suits you - you should wear it more often' along with 'Has anyone seen Emma today? Oh, you're temping for her....'.

Not just the 'boys' (the engineers), we're talking about the Framework Manager (My God! Emma! I think I may need my sunglasses!!!), the Project Manager (that REALLY suits you, you should wear it more often), the Quantity Surveyor (Where's Emma?) and the Managing Surveyor (during an area meeting this morning that I took coffee into...).

So I'm in two minds. Either:

I wear more colour more often (a suggestion by [livejournal.com profile] devalmont who looses all his accrued goth points for daring to suggest his lady try 'not-black', along with the Project Manager and the Site Supervisor amongst others)


I never wear colour ever again for fear of the reaction!!


I also intend to try harder with the 'diet'....

On another note, last night was wonderful. Really good Calling, it was a shame we were both so tired but I definately think we left at the right time. I was more than a little relieved to been loosened (though it was certainly worth it - lots of very sweet comments, so thank you all!).
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( Apr. 2nd, 2005 02:15 pm)
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I like the tax office today. For, on arriving here and opening some mail I'd been sent, I was given a rather nice rebate from 2003/2004 which I wasn't expecting.

So, Yey!

Other than that, the visit is going well and I'm having a lovely time. I'll catch up on lj when I get back tomorrow but wishing you all a fab rest of the weekend people.

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( Feb. 14th, 2005 07:02 pm)
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Does anyone else think XPQ 21's 'Beautiful' is about to go into the Airwolf theme at any given moment?!
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( Nov. 23rd, 2004 11:18 pm)
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Who was the random "guy with long dark hair and a long dark coat... leather I think" that waved at me whilst I was sat on the bus this evening en route to class? I didn't see you but the bus driver did and told me when we'd pulled over. Bless. Very kind of him. Of course, I couldn't tell him this was likely to be any one of a large number of goth guys I know...
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I was walking down Vivian Road in Harborne, when a Police car pulled up next to me and asked:

"Excuse me, but you couldn't tell us how to get to Rose Road Police station could you?"
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( Sep. 3rd, 2004 06:22 pm)
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My mother, as you all know, is quite quite mad. In the best possible way. Now, being mad and being a wonderful and unique magical creature, she sees fit to send me a myriad of "bits" in the post. Today, I got the following (with a "Thought you could peruse the new rules and warn Richard you come with a health hazard - his health may no longer have a life!" comment on the accompanying letter):

Ten Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter

Rule 1 )

Rule 2 )

Rule 3 )

Rule 4 )

Rule 5 )

Rule 6 )

Rule 7 )

Rule 8 )

Rule 9 )

Rule 10 )

Lol - definately a one the dads can relate to!
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( Jul. 6th, 2004 07:43 am)
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I've been found out!
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( Jul. 4th, 2004 12:47 pm)
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There is, I have noticed, an increasing amount of men with men breasts. It is more than a little disturbing.
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( May. 23rd, 2004 04:06 am)
Look out for the


From Go-Quiz.com

You know, I fell down a hole post clubbing one night. My legs disappeared into an uncovered drain. Or rather, one leg. Just as I was trying to impress a stunningly handsome young man (who subsequently rescued me and bizarely decided this had not put him off me). And no, I was not at all drunk that night. I was however wearing a short red pvc skirt, new rocks and a skimpy top. And whilst stuck in this hole, I got a fit of the giggles and couldn't get out.

Well, until said young man assisted a rather hysterical tears streaming down face with laughter heap of me. Must be what won him over.

[Edit - icon chosen for the remarkable resemblance it bears to the ex in question]
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( May. 20th, 2004 07:58 am)
Well it's always nice to spend time with [livejournal.com profile] the_econoplast (thanks for the wonderful evening!), [livejournal.com profile] baloobas, [livejournal.com profile] bethanthepurple, [livejournal.com profile] bunnyowen, [livejournal.com profile] metalmikey666, [livejournal.com profile] miss_corinne, [livejournal.com profile] petal1983, [livejournal.com profile] sallamino and [livejournal.com profile] sapphrine. And it was nice to figure out who [livejournal.com profile] corettrobane, [livejournal.com profile] herdivineshadow and [livejournal.com profile] vanishingrad are! Also, the non ljers there - several new faces to me, I apologise but I'm useless with names. Except that there was another Alex who was sweet, and a blonde elegant Emma!

Cracking fire and fireworks, lots of pleasant chats - t'was good. The Catherine Wheel was certainly the most amusing - gravel alight!!!!

AND some exceedingly kind soul has gifted me with a paid account for 2 months. Given conversations last night, and my post, it could be one of several people - whoever it was, thank you. It was exceptionally sweet.

Also, thanks to everyone who's left very thoughtful and supportive messages on my screened post. I can't release any of them as they have numbers on, but you know who you are. It's highly appreciated.
by Dave Barry

1. Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

2. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be "meetings."

3. There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

4. People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

5. And when God, who created the entire universe with all of its glories, decides to deliver a message to humanity, He WILL NOT use, as His messenger, a person on cable TV with a bad hairstyle.

6. You should not confuse your career with your life.

7. No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously.

8. When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command. Very often, that individual is crazy.

9. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

10. Never lick a steak knife.

11. Take out the fortune before you eat the cookie.

12. The most powerful force in the universe is gossip.

13. You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight savings time.

14. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.

15. There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age 11.

16. "The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above average drivers.

17. The main accomplishment of almost all organized protests is to annoy people who are not in them.

18. A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.

19. Your friends love you anyway.
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( May. 11th, 2004 01:46 am)
At this point, I would just like to make you all aware that [livejournal.com profile] beaut1ful_dark makes cracking Banana Bread. There is a Spanish programme on TV. And [livejournal.com profile] holaholaamigos takes nearly as long to get ready for bed as I take to get ready for work in the morning.

I'm now returning to bed.
Well, the unthinkable has happened - El Presidente of Goth Soc has finally relented this morning over his porridge and allowed me to sort him out an lj succumbed to the temptation of creating his own lj.

Ro says: [livejournal.com profile] holaholaamigos!!!
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( May. 6th, 2004 08:39 am)
Just quickly took a look at Neopets this morning and visited the daily sites, such as the bank and the shrine. The Lost Desert Fruit Machine (which costs nothing to play) has just given me:

25000 Neopoints
3 Faeries
A checkered paint brush

Your pets level and strength have also increased.

If you don't play it, that will mean nothing. If you do, you are now green. :D

Hope the rest of the day is as good!

peers out of her door
Click the following to assist in the inane game that several people have recently started to play:

[livejournal.com profile] sapphrine - Elves
[livejournal.com profile] the_econoplast - Humans
[livejournal.com profile] bethanthepurple - Dwarves
[livejournal.com profile] herdivineshadow - Humans
[livejournal.com profile] novatinselpants - Elves

Feel free to click once every 24 hours, or comment here if you'd like to be added to the list of clicks I'm increasingly doing....


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( Feb. 28th, 2004 08:54 pm)
Would you like to see a web cartoon based on Tim Burton, Robert Smith and Neil Gamain sharing a flat?


Courtesy of the ever charming [livejournal.com profile] devalmont.
This is the freakiest thing I've seen in a long time...
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( Feb. 1st, 2004 11:45 am)
note to all people who buy new pointy boots - be very careful on their first outing, especially on terraced house stairs. the bruise potential is rather high otherwise.
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( Jan. 4th, 2004 01:23 pm)
Invader Zim and Grr ROCK! WHAT IS IT?!?!


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