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Dear Public Transport Secretary

May I say, your push for the general public to fully utilise the reliable, frequent, comfortable and exceedingly reasonably priced public transport system network which has been constantly updated and improved with each and every passing bank holiday weekend causing, of course, the minimum disruption to all public transport users, is commendable.

I have yet to experience the horror which my counter part in reality suffers on a twice, if indeed not more, daily basis of late buses if indeed they turn up. This would of course negate any 'day saver' ticket purchase, causing the value for money claims to plumit. As would the increased costs to pay for a new fleet of ever evasive buses in Birmingham which would have tv screens and advanced cctv systems on board which I am certain would immediately cause any reprobates prone to lighting up joints to rapidly cease from doing so, negating the fact that they are indeed a smigden more comfortable when and if they were to turn up.

I am exceedingly grateful that I have not once had to wait for over fifty minutes on a route which has an advertised approximate waiting time of 8 minutes, only for 5 buses to turn up at once. I am also incredibly grateful that I've yet to be unfortunate enough to be late for work four out of five days despite allowing for such delays by leaving the house early. Needless to say, I have not ever had to throw my arms up in the air and admit defeat by getting private transport by way of a taxi to my destination, such as, shall we say, a dancing class which I'd aimed at being a good 15 minutes early, when in fact it appears I am already going to be at least 10 minutes late as 2 buses have failed, thus far, to turn up.

The public transport system in this country is completely and utterly wonderful and I shall continue recommending it's use to everyone I meet. Thanks be that we don't have to worry about repeatedly delayed and cancelled trains at least every other weekend to a specific destination, causing the precious few hours we have at the weekend to be ever consumed by the demon of time, our special moments spiralling down into a black hole of lost minutes. No! Not at all!

So, thank you for doing your job so effectively and for ensuring those of us who choose to support the public transport system do not feel frustrated, angry, disillusioned, apathetic and generally fed up.

Yours in gratitude

Miss E J D
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( Nov. 16th, 2004 11:08 pm)
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So. Friday. Well. I arrived two hours late, thanks partly to the buses not getting me to the station for 4:24pm, thanks partly to the technical fault on the train at 5:24pm which caused a cancellation. Despite this, the journey was relatively pleasant. Teaching and what the best methods, my top, Pokemon Ruby on the Gameboy and various other things were discussed during the travel. I was on the receiving end of a MASSIVE and wonderous hug, the usual was purchased from the grill house along with liquid refreshment from Balvs and all was good.

Saturday invovled a mini meep as I was left in bed. I generally planned to join the boys at WT's for the match but failed utterly due to a soak in the bath and makeup requirements. A toddle along to the Mitre (via several shops including a wonderful jewellery stall which was owned by the man who set up the Mercat Moot in 1995! Well he WAS selling silver broom broaches, had to die for Athames and a rather pretty chalice proudly snuggled into his photo album, as he makes lots of pretty silver things) to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] mutualdesire and his Cambridge buddies for lunch. Eventually. At the Pick...something.

Back via my love's workplace and then much debate over going out or not, then much debate over what to wear. We FINALLY arrived at the party ) A rather wonderful and fun chilled out evening ensued, which lead nicely onto Sunday. Thank you to the host and hostess (who looked gorgeous in her ivy).

What happened Sunday... oh yes. Very little. Phoenix Nights series 2 for a little while. Packing disgruntedly. Watching May. Very Sunday! :)

Then back here far earlier than is fair. The train didn't have the decency to be late or anything. No-one interesting on the train. Missed the no. 35 by moments so had to hold out in The Newt for the next one. Just... meh. There was some really sad, miserable news too. Not directly involving me, but friends. You know, it doesn't matter how much I wish I could make it all ok, I know I can't. It's so frustrating!

I'm feeling rather sleepy now so off to bed... gn'ite and I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine minus the bad bits!


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