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Oh sweet biscuit of magnificence!
I bow at your feet.
Not one can I devour.
No! I need two at least.

My diet is suffering,
My willpower is waning.
Within the hour,
There's merely 2 remaining.

A grown woman of 25
You'd think I'd have learned
That a flat tum needs worked on,
Each calorie burned.

Yet I sit here, still munching
Enjoying the crunch
Of your sweet biscuit goodness,
Avoiding my (healthy) lunch.

Needless to say boys and girls, today has not been a very healthy eating type day. Oops!
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So the 'diet' continues with the odd wobble. And it strikes me that Tesco have a huge whopping great hole in the 'grab it quick for lunch' section.

See, I'm trying to avoid too much starch etc - I'm going for a detox so anything fresh and vegtable ish is in, as is low fat protein (steamed, grilled, poached meats and fish) and a little rice. Carbs aren't out but as my diet usually consists of bread, bread and more bread, I'm trying to reduce that a little too. Which stretches to pasta.

Now, this evening I'm attending a team building thingy and we're having a buffet. Lots of bread and crisps and sausage rolls etc so I thought I'd be really good this lunchtime and have a salad. I work next to a HUGE 24 hour Tescos so lunch really oughtn't be a major issue. Except they don't have any ready prepped salad with meat which doesn't include pasta.

So I've just spent 10 minutes picking out carefully all the bits of pasta from my 'Healthy Eating Roast Chicken Salad Bowl'. ARGH!

Anyone know why they do it like that?


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