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Ebb's Random Rambles

This journal is largely FRIENDS ONLY
however if you'd like to be added, comment on this post with the whys and wherefores and you'll likely see far more.

Please note, I generally add people whom I wish to allow certain access, not out of a sense of obligation.
Equally, please do not feel obliged to add me in return.

If you're friended, my contact details are here. If I know you well enough, you can find my address on this post here.


Ebb: A female goth who's very lucky to have an array of rather fab friends
(*completely blessed*).

Lady Ebony

She walks, her head in the night,
Clothed in the muted colours of darkness.
Her tread sometimes silent, know only she is there.
Fragrance like an aura, hangs as the dawn mist,
Marking where she is and has lately been.
She weaves her way with gossamer,
Understanding it’s fragile beauty and delicate strength.
Destiny unfulfilled, as yet an unknown mystery,
Veiled, ethereal,
Cloaked from sight in black velvet shadows.
Many are the ones, who understand you not,
For they are quick to judge.
Their judgment will last for eternity.

Look to the sun, oft times Lady Eb.
Lest you forget it’s warmth on your gentle face.
The moon may be fickle trust not her company!
Watch behind you,
For the company with you may not always be visible,
To eyes other than your own.

By S.E.Sinclair, 1st May 2003

Ebb's Images

Net-Model :: Ebb

Ebb hails from the beautiful lakes, lush green hills and fresh moist air of the Cumbrian Lakes but approximately 6 years ago, succumbed to the pretty lights and murky starless night sky of Birmingham. As of late June 05, she resides in Cambridge, a beautiful place with some beautiful people in it.

Has been known to over-do the red wine on occasion and is not to be trusted with the ruby elixir when near expensive things, however having recently looked at her drinking habits intends to drastically reduce her intake.

EDIT: This has had some sucess!

Is also rather partial to sleep, makeup, supernoodles (or rather the Blue Dragon version), cats (chase mice and be happy at the end of the rainbow Zen), Johnny Depp and a whole array of other things, most of which are helpfully listed below.

More recently has done a couple of photo shoots for Dave @ Decline, now proudly displayed on the site, along with a shoot with Tim @ Divisus - something she never thought 12 months ago she'd ever do and indeed she would have laughed if you'd told her.

Life has changed so much during the past year(s) - crikey, it's now in plurals! I hope this journal sucessfully plots some of the interesting, painful, fun and downright silly parts of the journey.

Regarding me, these sites should clarify the situation further:
And for those of you who don't need the translator:

Sadly enough, I have a neopet! She's called LilGothicZaraRed.

I got her @ - go get one, its free and highly addictive!

Mood Icon Sets:

Labyrinth by [personal profile] girlfromsouth. She has some other wonderful ones, check out her lj.

Dr. Horrible mood set swiped from [profile] samheinpunk but she's not sure where she got it - please comment if you recognise it and I'll credit and link!

Dita Von Teese mood theme by [profile] nattfoedd @ [profile] the_pink_donut

Inara mood theme by [personal profile] raebird @ [profile] see_a_swan

Jack Sparrow mood theme by [profile] cherryice578437

Ebb has recently been listening to:

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Interests (150):

80s music, alice bordchardt, ambient, amethyst, angels, anne rice, apoptygma bezerk, architecture, art, audrey hepburn, balders gate, bast, bats, bauhaus, beautiful eyes, beauty, birmingham, black, black star, books, boots, brumgoth, candles, castles, cathedrals, cats, chocolate, churches, clothing, cobwebs, cocteau twins, coffee, corsets, covenant, crystals, cumbria, dance, dancing, danny elfman, darkwave, declinegothica, dita von teese, dragons, dvds, ebm, edward scissorhands, edwards no 8, etheral, eyeliner, faeries, fairies, fiction, films, freshwater pearls, friends, gomez adams, goth, gothic, gowns, grace, green, haematite, hagen daz, him, honour, hope, horror, house of leaves, hugs, incense, inner beauty, intensity, internet, intimacy, invader zim, james herbert, jet, johnny depp, joy, kittens, kreuzdammer, labradorite, labyrinth, lace, ladytron, laughter, life, lillies, liquid eyeliner, london after midnight, long hair, love, lovers, malachite, mead, mediaeval baebes, mediaeval music, moonstone, morticia adams, nails, netgoth, nightmare before christmas, nin, occult, oils, orchids, paganism, passion, pearls, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, poppy z brite, pre-raphaelite art, purple, pvc, queen adreena, rain, rainbows, ravens, reading, red, red wine, richard e. grant, robert rankin, rock, role playing games, roses, runes, satin, silk, silver, singing, sisters of mercy, sleepy hollow, snake river conspiracy, storms, tarrot, the cult, the cure, the dark crystal, the mission, the moon, thinking, tim burton, true love, vampires, vast, velvet, vnv nation, withnail & i
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