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Some of you are, but most of you aren't, aware that [livejournal.com profile] alixandrea, Paul (with no lj) and me are in the planning stages of presenting a Goth night on 209 radio (105fm). We had a meeting tonight (which I'm just in from, and am soaked as the heavens opened on me) to basically swap some tracks around, get a hold on what we all thought it is, or isn't, and generally have a bit of a natter.

It's prompted me to look into a few bands I'd not heard of, always a good thing.

But it's also made me curious and this is where I need your help EVERYONE please.

Name a few tracks that, in your view, come under the 'Goth' umbrella.

Time period, style etc are pretty much irrelevant - and if you don't count yourself as a 'Goth', even better actually. What are your pre-conceptions of a typical Goth track? There is, let me make myself clear, no 'wrong' answer here. I'm curious! :)

If everyone on my friends list (here on lj and over there on facebook) could give me three tracks, that'd be a huge help.

(ino, walking in the rain at night listening to Muse's 'Invincible' is a great way to spend a few minutes, so long as you know there's a warm house and fluffy towel at the end of your stomp!)
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