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Well, that weekend was a good one, mostly*!

In summary:

Met a thoroughly charming bunch of people who I hope to see again
Popped my Flock cherry
Discovered Evil Eye and Whitby Jet shop
Fell in love with a shower head
Had lots of tea (no euphanism)
Popped my Sheep cherry
Watched lots of men in uniform
Discussed life, the universe and everything with a few people
Made it to Peterborough, Leeds, York, Leeds and back safely thanks the very kind efforts of several people

Thank you, I really needed a weekend away x

But in more detail...

Friday, I zoomed out of work and straight to the station, and headed for Peterborough. [livejournal.com profile] ulfilias nabbed me from the station at 5:30pm in Rebecca (Tank Girl...) and after a car crash (not us!) and 3 huge diversions, we finally got to Leeds for 9pm where I was safely dispensed at FOC (I think?). I *wasn't* planning on heading out but Flock tempted me. Had a great night and met a number of people who were squee and wonderful and all was good (including [livejournal.com profile] vin_petrol). I can't quite remember getting back or into bed, and it was rather surreal waking up on Saturday in a strange room in a double bed alone - at least the single doesn't feel like it's got a gap in it, but I'm getting better at getting used to this. After sweet tea and 'Grosse Point Blank' (which we introduced [livejournal.com profile] bikerfaerie to) my head and body started to feel human enough to get a shift on.

Burley Park train station is, for future reference, on the same line as York luckily enough so I headed through without a train change (yey!) and landed in York for about 2pm. Dumped my case and bags at [livejournal.com profile] djhamsterboy's Flat of WOW (which indeed it is) and went for a walk around after briefly meeting Chewie, Becca, Claire, Gill and baby Harry (who is totally adorable)... there may have been a little shopping involved. And very nearly double strawberries. And tea rooms. Then a little salmon. But I'd lost my energy and didn't enjoy my afternoon nearly as much as if I'd drunk a BIT less and had MORE sleep the day/night previously. Will remember this for another time. Anyhow, pubbed it after getting a second wind and have decided that Mumsykins would like the Golden Fleece.

I lost many many goth points due to being subjected to Boyzone. However, Wedding Singer helped set me musically right again. Gave up eventually and headed to bed. York is a beautiful place, but being woken up by church bells of all kinds of sound and speed for about an hour on Sundays is... odd. Attacked the shower (there were concerns about this...) and headed for a wander about. At which point I discovered the Whitby Jet shop. It is an evil place, but not quite as evil as Evil Eye which has the most wonderful looking cocktails. Eventually found the flat again, packed and headed over to Leeds. Which wasn't the best bit of the weekend;

*The bad is a very small part, but basically as I was heading back to Leeds from York, I spent a good half hour rushing from platform to platform, having lost the wheel to my suitcase (it's totally wrecked and I needed a new one anyway but of all the times to randomly come off on me...) and missing every Leeds bound train by a matter of seconds. I ended up sobbing on the phone to [livejournal.com profile] fuzzygoth out of utter frustration because my shoulders were sore, I was tired and just wanted to be with people again rather than feeling stranded and alone at a train station, uselessy running from place to place. Luckily he also had 'the internet' so could assist no end in a) calming me down and b) helping me figure out where I had to head to next. He also happened to be at the end of his road (brill timing) when I finally got into Leeds, so dragged the broken suitcase along the pavement and saved my shoulders from utterly dying on me.

My body was begining to protest (my back isn't yet used to the 'new' bed and of course, staying on different matresses hadn't helped it) but like I listen to it... got showered again in super quick time after devouring indian food and headed over to Black Sheep. I can't honestly remember the last time I laughed so hard or danced so much. It was definately the high point of the weekend. Specifically [livejournal.com profile] melancholyrose_'s dance to 'Stand and Deliver'... :D

There was lots of girly squeeing with [livejournal.com profile] huggirl who was looking utterly fab. Not quite sure what time we gave up and headed off but it was as the place was locked up. I felt like I could have stayed a lot longer but clearly, this was false because as soon as we got back, I headed up to bed.

Today was a little less hard on the brain as I drank less last night than earlier in the weekend - will do this more in future. Was up and showered in time for [livejournal.com profile] ulfilias's arrival. We hung about whilst I faffed with makeup etc and watched... what was it gents, it was fab? HUGE thanks to the FOC household for putting up with me (and my exploding case) twice in a weekend. It was brill to finally meet Sarah Orange (lj username to be located soon!).... [livejournal.com profile] sarah_orange and as always, see [livejournal.com profile] daevid.

Got back into Rebecca and aimed at Nottingham where I fell in love with this modest 2 bed (£675,000 freehold) house;

Also, watched a battle re-enactment at Newstead Abbey, met [livejournal.com profile] morbidfrog (who was exceedingly charming and warm, despite being rather cold!) and spoke with [livejournal.com profile] simonsatori (who had the best hat in my humble opinion) aftering meeting Jen. Pub to warm up and eat and drink, then back to Cambridge (HUGE THANKS! - oh, left the car seat heating on on my side just so you know, sorry).

All in all, cracking weekend.

More of these please! Mind you, I might have to make sure I have fewer nights away, my back isn't being very nice to me right now. The dancing, wedges and corset probably didn't help either but....

*shattered but happy*


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